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SpecChem SpecPrime Re-emulsifiable underlayment primer for SpecFlow 1 Gallon
A ready to use, rewettable primer which bonds new concrete and SpecChem underlayments to horizontal concrete or other sound surfaces. Recommended for interior and dry applications only. Specifically designed as a primer for Spec Flow.
  • Re-emulsifiable/rewettable
  • Excellent bonding agent/superior adhesive strength
  • Specifically designed for use with Spec Flow
  • Can be used when there is a delay between primer application and subsequent topping or underlayment
  • V.O.C. compliant
Primer/Bonding agent for underlayments, plaster andstucco:
Surfaces to which SPECPRIME is to be applied must be clean, structurally sound, and free of water, soluble materials, or contaminants.
SPECPRIME has a coverage rate of 100-150 square feet per gallon. The coverage rate varies with the porosity of the surface. Apply with a brush, broom or sprayer and brush or broom into the surface. Drying time is two to three hours at 70oF. SPECPRIME will remain slightly tacky when dry. Accumulation in low areas should be wiped up.
Do not allow to pond or puddle. Poor ventilation will delay normal drying time. Fans will help increase air circulation to speed drying time.
Under normal conditions, SPECPRIME can be applied up to 24 hours before installation of underlayment toppings. All areas subject to application must be clean of all foreign materials. Traffic should be kept to a minimum.
Very porous surfaces will require two applications of SPECPRIME. Allow two to three hours between applications.
If a continuous film is not achieved on the surface, reapply SPECPRIME. SPECPRIME, under normal conditions, can be applied up to twenty-four hours before the installation of Spec Flow floor leveler. Providing the floor is kept clean of all foreign material and there is no traffic which might wear the SPECPRIME off. For applications that exceed twenty-four hours, SPECPRIME should be re-applied at a diluted ratio of 1:1 with water.
Very porous surfaces will require two applications of SPECPRIME. The first application should be at full strength, allowing two or three hours between applications.
SPECPRIME should create a continuous film upon the surface of the concrete. If not, reapply SPECPRIME.

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Model : SPRIME1
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