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SpecChem 5 Gallon Stripper Supreme
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Heavy Duty Coating Stripper

STRIPPER SUPREME is an emulsified organic solvent based concrete coating remover, with a complex system of wetting agents to maximize stripping efficiency. VOC Compliant.

STRIPPER SUPREME is designed specifically for removing multiple layers of sealers, curing compounds and other concrete floor and wall finishes from porous concrete and masonry surfaces. Formulated as a “fast working” stripper, STRIPPER SUPREME penetrates deep into the multiple layers and reacts with the resins for easy removal of high strength clear coatings, most epoxies, acrylics, hydrocarbon resin based cures, urethanes, floor enamels and other chemically resistant coatings. May be used on concrete, masonry, wood and metal surfaces. It is immediately emulsifiable in cold or hot water and steam. STRIPPER SUPREME is extremely effective for removal of graffiti as well as most spray paints, inks, crayons, etc. STRIPPER SUPREME is an excellent paint remover.

  • Heavy bodied stripper which clings to vertical and overhead surfaces
  • Will not harm plywood, plaster, aluminum, metal, concrete, brick or masonry surfaces
  • Will not raise the grain or darken wood
  • Special wetting agents remain active on all concrete surfaces up to thirty minutes without scrubbing or reapplication
Surface preparation: Prepare the surface by removing loose, peeling coating using high water pressure or by scrapping. Surface should be dry before applying stripper. All glass, metal and painted surfaces should be protected from exposure during the stripping process using polyethylene or other proven protected material. Pedestrian and auto traffic should be diverted and/or protected. Beware of wind drift. Adjacent shrubs and plants should be protected from direct contact.

Application: Apply a thick coat of Stripper Supreme with a synthetic or natural fiber brush, roller or airless sprayer. Sprayers should be fitted with viton, Teflon or other resistant seals or hoses. A minimum one gallon per minute (50 psi)(.34 MPa) airless sprayer is recommended. If thinning is desirable, dilute with SpecChem Solvent 100.
Model : s7225
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