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Gator Tools Adjustable Leveling Head
  • GatorGlide Adjustable Leveling Head Fits on Bull Floats, Channel Floats, Walking Trowels, Ultra Groovers, Paving Screeds, & Paving Floats.
  • Grease Fittings Flush Out Dirt and Debris and Lubricate for Long Life and Trouble Free Operation.
  • Universal Mounting Pattern Allows Easy Mounting to Other Manufacturer's Tools.
  • Accepts 1-3/4" & 1-3/8" snap button poles
  • The main body of the leveling head is made from high strength aluminum alloy
  • All moving parts are made from either oil impregnated bronze or high chromium stainless steel
  • Each component is designed to stay free from rust and corrosion and deliver years of trouble free service
Model : GF10330
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