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Ladders and Scaffolding
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Louisville 16' Fiberglass Twin Front Step Ladder
Fiberglass Twin Front Ladder with 375lbs work load, with DaBoot and inside braces.                       

  • Da Boot.- Polypropylene copolymer upper boot provides strength, durability and fiberglass rail surface protection. Thick non-marring thermoplastic elastomer tread is bonded and mechanically fastened to the upper boot and provides a slip resistant footing.
  • Heavy Gauge Steel Hinges.- Heavy Duty hinge assembly design for maximum durability.
  • Extra Heavy Duty Inside Spreader Braces.-Extra Thick spreader braces located inside of fiberglass rails help protect braces from getting hooked or abused in transit.
  • Heavy Double Gusset Bracing.-Heavy duty steel gussets on each step and angle back brace.
  • Full channel Fiberglass Rail.-Nonconductive full channel rails are convered with a polyester veil for years of durable service without fiber prominence of blooming.
  • Rivet Step Construction.- Each step secured with large headed, semi tubular steel rivets for maximum strength, 30% greater shear strength than solid aluminum rivets.
  • Both sides of this ladder can be used simultaneously by one person per side. Each side is designed to support one person including materials up to 375 lbs. Total combined weight on ladder must no exceed 750 lbs (375 lbs per side).
Model : 149FM1416HD
Daily Rate: $25.00
Weekly Rate: $87.50
Monthly Rate: $225.00