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Concrete Equipment
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EZ Drill Dual Head Slab Drill W/Dust Extraction
Achieve greater efficiency when drilling on slab with the 210B-2 SRA. It’s equipped with two-gang drill system that operates simultaneously and are adjustable to drill every 12 to 36 inches on center. It also can be customized to meet wider spacing requirements. The 210B-2 SRA requires 200 cfm and fits within a 4-foot patch. It also can be configured for on-grade drilling. With its patented tri-steering system, the drill repositions quickly and moves easily.
  • Wheel Base (D) 48 in (121.9 cm)
    Width 54 in (137.2 cm)
    Height (E) 39 in (99.1 cm)
    Weight 1,150 lbs (522.1 kg)
    Drill Distance From Corner 6 in (15.2 cm)
    Drill Distance From Ground 3 in (7.6 cm)
    Drill Depth (std.) 18 in (45.7 cm)
    Drill Bit Diameter 5/8 in to 2 1/2 in (15.9 mm to 63.5 mm)
    Distance From Wheel to Center of Bit (F) N/A
    Drill Motor (pneumatic) CP 32A
    Drill Motor Weight 54 lbs (24.5 kg)
    Chuck Size (std.) 7/8 in x 3 1/4 in (22.2 mm x 82.6 mm)
    Air Consumption (minimum) 200 cfm (5.6 m3/min)
    Operating Pressure 90 psi (6.2 bar)
    Impact (ft. lbs./blow) 36 fpb (49 J)
    Hammer Speed 2200 bpm
    Speed 288 rpm


Model : 210B-2
Daily Rate: $380.00
Weekly Rate: $1330.00
Monthly Rate: $3600.00