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Pro Cut Block Buster Mini Masonry Saw
  • 15 amp, 3 hp
  • 14" blade capacity, 5" cutting depth
  • Compact masonry saw that one person can carry
  • Rigid all steel unibody construction provides the best weight to strength ratio of any saw in its class
  • Pivoting head with depth lock allows cutting of material up to 8" thick
  • Ergonomic design provides increased operator efficiency, reduces fatigue, and provides a clear view of the working area
  • Open back design and a wide body easily accomodates materials up to a 8" x 8" x 16"
  • Channel flow pan directs dust and water away from operator and out the back of the saw
  • Front and rear handles for easy transport and loading
  • Includes a Norton diamond blade
Model : BBM307
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