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Stego Wrap 15 Mil Class A Vapor Barrier 14' x 140'
  • Vapor Barrier
  • Class A of ASTM E 1745
  • Roll Size: 14' x 140' = 1960 ft2
  • Permeance: 0.0084 perms
  • Puncture: 2326 grams
  • Tensile: 79.6 lb f/ in
  • Stego Wrap is a Polyolefin plastic with high puncture and tensile and extremely low permeance. 
  • Stego Wrap replaces cheap visqueen/polyethylene as a below-slab vapor barrier/retarder. 
  • Stego Wrap does not become brittle and breakdown over time the way visqueen does. 
  • One layer of Stego Wrap can replace 2 layers of 10-mil visqueen, or one layer of 30/40-mil HDPE. 
  • Stego Wrap retards the flow of Radon and Methane gas as well as water vapor. 
  • Stego Wrap does not require a protective sand layer between it and the ground or the slab. 
  • Stego Wrap 15-mil’s low permeance makes it a Vapor Barrier as opposed to just a Vapor Retarder. 
  • Stego Wrap can also be used as a protection course over vertical waterproofing (See reverse.)
  • Stego Wrap has 3 months of UV protection 
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Model : 13703300
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