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Sonotube 20" x 12' Round Concrete Form
  • .970 cubic yards of concrete
  • Rain-resistant technology keeps wet weather from impacting your pour.
  • Easier setup and brace so multiple columns can be poured at one time.
  • Superior strength-to-weight properties prevent blowouts.
  • Easy to cut and drill at the job site.
  • Heat resistant eliminates form deformation during the pour.
  • Square tubes available by special order
Click here for CSI Specifications  (Word®  document)
Click here for Setting and Pouring Forms  (PowerPoint presentation)

Important instructions for field use

How to store

Store Sonotube round concrete forms in a dry place at the job site:

  • For best results, store forms vertically to maintain roundness.
  • Keep ends covered at all times.
  • If stored horizontally, elevate a minimum of 4 inches off the ground and support the full length of the forms.


Even the largest Sonotube brand round concrete forms are easier to place either
manually with block and tackle, or by crane:

  • Position over a reinforcing bar cage if desired.
  • Avoid damaging the inside surface.
  • Place individually or in groups for continuous pouring.


Sonotube round concrete forms require minimal bracing to be brought to plumb:

  • Use light lumber or scaffolding.
  • Secure the column foot with collars if necessary.
  • If pouring bents for bridges, consider tying the column form in with the beam form. Sonotube concrete forms can also be tied into other forms or structural members.


NOTE: Use a release agent with all Sonotube concrete forms, especially when working with aggressive concrete formulations.

Sonotube round concrete forms are engineered not to buckle, swell or lose shape, and have been successfully used with a continuous pour of columns well over 40 feet. Do not exceed ACI-recommended pour rates.

Concrete must be vibrated during pour.


If stripping is required, strip the form as soon as possible after the concrete has set to prevent concrete from sticking to the form. Recommended time for the easiest and fastest stripping is 24 to 48 hours after the pour. Sonotube concrete forms should not be left on the column for more than five days.

Stripping options:

  • Use a circular power saw to make two vertical cuts on opposite sides of the form.To prevent marring, make sure the depth of cut is not set too deep. Remove the form.
  • Use a utility knife to cut the form from the top down at least 12 inches. Use a   broad-bladed tool such as a shovel and short strokes to pry the form away from the column in a spiral motion. Stripped forms can be used to protect finished columns until completion of project.
Model : 20RW
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