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Hydraulic Breaker for Bobcat Loaders and Excavators
  • Delivers an impact rate of up to 1,200 bpm
  • Accepts a 17.2-gpm maximum hydraulic flow at a working pressure of 2,175 psi
  • Solid one-piece body eliminates the need for side bolts
  • Cast-iron body allows all integral parts to be housed in the same casting
  • Long-stroke piston design ensures optimum energy transfer to the tip of the tool
  • Impact Energy Class: 600 ft. lbs.
  • Energy Per Blow: 302 ft. lbs.

The 453-lb. SBU 220 is designed for use on skid steers, backhoe-loaders and excavators in the 4,400- to 12,100-lb. weight class.

Fits- T190, T590, S175, S185, S530, S300, T750

Model : SBU220
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