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Bluebird Power Lawn Seeder
  • Horsepower:  5.5 hp
  • Clutch control:  Handle mounted with automatic safety declutching
  • Clutch Mechanism:  Spring loaded belt tightener and idler pulley
  • Combing Width:  22"
  • Depth Adjustment:  7 preset in ¼" increments, +1 to -1
  • Hopper Capacity:  approx. 30 lbs
  • Delta Blades:  (30) 12-guage austempered steel with 28° swept
    back cutting angle, 1" spacing
  • Handle:  Folding, ergonomic padded handle
  • Weight:  141 lbs
  • Dimensions, W x L x H:  30¾" x 46" x 39"
Model : S22H5DA
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