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Holcim Mortamix® Type N Masonry Cement
  • Holcim Mortamix® Masonry Cement is scientifically formulated and manufactured to be used in producing masonry mortars for use in brick, block and stone masonry.
  • Mortamix Masonry Cement also can be used to produce stucco, a versatile facing material that can be applied to wall or ceiling surfaces to achieve special architectural finishes.
  • The ingredients of Holcim Mortamix Masonry Cements are Portland cement, plasticizers, ground limestone and air entraining additives.
  • Holcim Mortamix Masonry Cement is gray.
  • Holcim Mortamix Masonry Cement conforms to ASTM C91
  • Requirements for sand to be used in conjunction with these products are outlined in ASTM C144
  • Holcim Mortamix Masonry Cement is formulated to provide consistent strength, durability and workability as well as pleasing final aesthetic appearance
  • To ensure optimal product performance, masonry cements should be mixed with clean sand conforming to ASTM C144 and potable water.
  • Mortar should be mixed for 3 - 5 minutes.
Model : 13970
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