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Goof Off FG653 16 Oz. Pourable Professional Strength VOC Compliant Miracle Remover
Goof Off® Professional Strength is the Miracle Remover that cuts through the toughest spots and stains quickly. It even removes spots that would otherwise ruin materials, surfaces, and tools. Use it to eliminate costly messes and mistakes around the garage, workshop and outdoors.

It works faster and better than other removers - use Goof Off® when all else fails!

Use Goof Off® Professional on: Adhesive, Glue, Asphalt, Tar, Caulk, Dried Latex Paint

It’s also great for: Stains, Crayon, Pen, Marker, Graffiti, Varnish, Gum, Candle Wax, Scuff Marks, Stickers & Decals, Lipstick & Makeup, Tar & Road Grime, Bugs, Tree Sap

Use Goof Off® Professional Strength to remove stains from: Concrete, Metal, Glass, Laminate, Brick, Wood, Fiberglass, Carpeting & Fabrics (test for colorfastness first), and more . . .

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Model : FG653
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