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Wagman Metal Products 8 x 23 Gold Pro Finish Trowel Blade For Ride-On Trowel
The Wagman Gold Pro® is a blade built tough to meet the demands of ride-on power trowels or any other application where long lasting life is required.

Constructed from extra thick high-performance tool steel, the Gold Pro® is the longest lasting steel blade available.

Since the Gold Pro® blade is made from a heavier weight steel and tends to be a bit more stiff, Wagman suggest that the Gold Pro® blade be used primarily on riding trowel machines.
  • 60" diameter
  • Fits Whiteman STX and STH
  • High chrome and carbon content increases abrasion resistance
  • Proven record in delivering 25% to 50% longer life than most silver trowel blades at only 15% more cost on average
  • Available in finish and combo blades only
  • Weight: 7.00 lbs.
Model : WX-8230 PRO
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