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H.K. Porter 24" Series 2000 General Purpose Center Cut Bolt Cutter
  • Aluminum alloy handle
  • All purpose/center cut jaw design and cutting head
  • Series 2000 Bolt Cutter
  • Drop-forged jaws with center-cut blades
  • Heat treated for wear resistance and long cutting life
  • Cuts soft, and medium/hard materials
  • Maximum hardness of material to be cut: Brinell 300/Rockwell C31
  • Toggle joints turn 50 lb hand pressure to 4000 lb of cutting pressure
  • Precision cast, 1-piece, aluminum alloy handles with rubber grips
  • Replacement cutterhead: 0113AC
  • NEVER use any H.K. Porter cutters on energized circuits, wire, or cable!
  • Weight: 4 lbs.
Model : 0190AC
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