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Nu Way is pleased to announce the implementation of its new email billing system. Over the last few years, we have received an increasing number of requests from our customers to begin such a system. We can now send your daily Nuway eBilling invoices and your monthly statement to your email address in PDF format. If you have Adobe Acrobat or a similar product on your computer, you are ready to join in this program. You will receive the same color images that you now receive by mail and will be able to route your paperwork electronically or print them at your convenience. Email delivery will help to ensure that mail is received by the correct department and assist in the reduction of “lost in mail” items through the Postal Service.

If your company would like to take advantage of this new option, simply complete and submit the form below. You may request that both invoices and statements be sent to the same email address or you may have them sent to separate addresses. You will receive an email notification from Nu Way when your account has been changed from paper to email billing.

We appreciate your business and are continually looking for ways to improve our service. We hope that this new system will benefit your company.

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