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SGS Solomon Colors Dark Buff Mortar Color

20A Dark Buff Series "A" Mortar Color

  • SGS mortar colors are formulated to produce pleasing color shades that complement or accentuate the wide range of colors found in brick, stone, and colored concrete block
  • All mortar colors are shipped in proportioned packages which have been accurately pre-weighed and measured
  • Each individual package is designated as one color unit
  • SGS Concentrated Mortar Colors are pure mineral pigments designed to be used with all cementitious material whether it may be a Type N, S, M or O strength masonry cement or portland and lime mixtures.
  • Each SGS color exceeds the requirements set forth by ASTM C-979 "Pigments For Integrally Colored Concrete."
  • SGS Colors are inert, stable to atmospheric conditions, sunfast, weather resistant, alkali resistant, water insoluble, lime proof, non-bleeding natural and synthetic iron oxides free of deleterious fillers and extenders.
  • "A" series color
Model : 20A
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