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Paragon Products 4 X 8 Concrete Test Cylinder
Test Cylinder Molds are designed in accordance with ASTM Standard Specifications for Molds for Forming Concrete Test Cylinders Vertically (C470/C470M-08). This specification was last revised in 2008. Any future revisions to the specification will be analyzed and our product will be changed accordingly. Plastic specifications in reference to impact resistance (D256) and water absorption (D570) can be supplied upon request.
Concrete Test Cylinders meet all ASTM and AASHTO standards.

  • Flat or domed lids available
  • Available in light grey, white, or yellow colors
  • Central shipping location minimizes freight cost
  • Reinforced lip and bottom
  • Notched lip for easy stripping
  • Attached lid on 2x4, 3x6, 4x8 sizes
  • 4x8 cylinders available in freight saver 96 packs
  • Custom printing available on 6x12 size
Model : 1202-5015
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