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Husqvarna T8600-Propane Vac(HEPA)
 T 8600 Propane is one of the strongest and safest propane vacuum on the market. Recommended with propane grinders, shavers and Husqvarna Soff-Cut early entry saws. Ideal where electrical power supply is hard to come by on the job site. The direct drive with magnetic clutch system puts all the power to the turbine. The machine can deal with materials that are difficult to handle, such as grinding dust and demolition materials in a wide variety of applications. Equipped with two tested and certified HEPA class H13 filters and coated pre-filter socks with JetPulse cleaning for long, uninterrupted service. Safety features include O2 sensor, catalytic converter and motor certified by EPA and CARB. The Longopac® bag hose system ensures simple, dust-free bag changes.

  • Motor (HP): 18 (Kawasaki Propane, Direct-Driven Turbine Motor)
  • Air Flow Capacity (CFM): 700
  • Water Lift (in): 115
  • Primary Filter: Coated Pre-Filter Socks
  • Secondary Filter: HEPA filter 54 ft2
  • Net Weight (lbs): 530
Model : T8600-Propane HEPA
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