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#3 x 20' Fiberglass Rebar (Pink Bar-Owens Corning))
PINKBAR™ Fiberglas™ Rebar for Flatwork is intended for slab on ground applications such as: parking slabs, drive-ways, sidewalks, agricultural slabs, and Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement (CRCP) for streets.

In general, field handling and placement is the same as for epoxy or galvanized steel bars. Do NOT shear Fiberglas™ Rebar. When field cutting of Fiberglas™ Rebar is necessary, use a fine blade saw, grinder, carborundum or diamond blade. Sealing the ends of Fiberglas™ Rebar is not necessary. Support chairs are suggested at two-thirds the spacing of steel rebar. Plastic coated tie wire is the preferred option for most projects.

Nominal Diameter:  #3 (10mm or 3/8 in)
Nominal Area: .110 sq in or 71.3 sq mm
Tensil Strength:  827 MPa or 120 ksi
Ultimate Tensil Load:  58.72 kN or 13.20 kips
Ultimate Strain:  1.79%

Compared to black bar:
4X Lighter, 2X stronger, 50% labor savings, rust free.
Model : GFR03F
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