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Husqvarna 14" Elite-Cut S45 Diamond Blade
Part of our Gold series, Elite-Cut S45 is specially designed for cutting in reinforced concrete. This premium blade features two different segment designs: the new Z-Edge shaped Exo-Grit and the new Flat Exo-Grit segment with edge dimple. The ideal choice for smooth and efficient cutting with handheld power cutters and low-powered floor saws.
Up to 20% faster cutting and up to 10% longer life.
Developed for smoother and faster cutting in various types of concrete, including high reinforced concrete. With this blade you will experience a reduced side friction, lower vibrations and a better slurry evacuation.
On top of the Z-Edge shaped segment, this blade features the Flat Exo-Grit design helping to increase the life of the blade by reducing the segment’s friction against the kerf walls, while also improving the slurry evacuation.
To reduce the risk of accidents related to pinching and/or kickbacks, the blades feature visual indicators for the blade’s side clearance, life indicator, cutting depth, wear indicators and directional arrow in application colour.
Optimal: reinforeced Concrete hard, Concrete medium, Concrete, Cured concrete medium 
Good:  Concrete soft, Brick, Roof Tile
Acceptable:  Abrasive, Green Concrete hard
Model : 599494725
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