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Stihl FS 94 R Lightweight Professional Gas Trimmer
With the STIHL FS 94 R trimmer, dependable performance meets variable speed control. This lightweight trimmer—weighing just over ten pounds—delivers one of the best power-to-weight ratios in its class, making it great for maneuvering around hills, landscaping stones, and other terrain. Its innovative control handle features ECOSPEED, allowing you to set the most effective speed for specific applications, such as using a low throttle around delicate plants. Combined with a high-powered, low exhaust emission engine, and an anti-vibration system, this grass and weed trimmer is a great everyday landscaping tool for trimming professionals.

  • DISPLACEMENT                        24.1 cc
  • ENGINE POWER                       1.2 bhp                   
  • FUEL CAPACITY                        18.3 oz.
  • CUTTING WIDTH                       16.5 in.
  • WEIGHT                                      10.1 lbs.
  • POWER SOURCE                       Gas
Model : FS94R
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