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Bobcat E10E Electric ZTS Mini Excavator
With a compact footprint and zero emissions, the E10e can tackle tough jobs in small places - both outdoors and indoors. 
  • Retractable undercarriage and blade 
  • Lithium-ion batteries require no maintenance 
  • Auxiliary hydraulics with two-way flow 
  • On-board charger  
  • Two-speed travel 
  • Easy transport 

Quiet and emission-free, the zero tail-swing E10e mini excavator can work when and where other excavators can’t, offering more solutions for today’s diverse jobsites. 
The E10e is powered by two lithium-ion batteries that provide a total capacity of 11.5kWh. The batteries deliver high-energy density, long service life and require no routine maintenance. The result is strong breakout forces, smooth operator control functions and loads of workgroup power.    
This mini, yet mighty excavator is highly maneuverable and easy to transport. Hydraulically retract the undercarriage to just 28 inches wide for access to small job sites - both outdoors and indoors. Then return the undercarriage to its 43-inch stance for a wider footprint and leading performance.  

Battery Type Lithium Ion 
System Voltage 51.8 V
Gross Battery Capacity 11.52 kW·h
Maximum Dig Depth 76.9 in
Maximum Reach at Ground Level 121.8 in
Operating Weight 2,648 lb
Width 27.9 in
Estimated Run Time 4 h 
On-Board Charge Time - 120V 10-12 h 
On-Board Charge Time - 240V 10-12 h 
Off-Board Charge Time 2 h  

Model : E10E Electric
Price : $70529.82
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