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Ladders and Scaffolding
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Louisville 16' x 20" P2 Series 2-Man Aluminum Swing Stage

Scaffold Planks and Stage Platforms P Series

  • Safety Yellow molded Handles.- Impact resistant polypropylene handles designed for easy transport and rugged durability.
  • Easy Grip Rungs.- Rungs on each end provide wide, easy to grip handles for pulling or carrying stages.
  • Reinforcing Web Braces.-Stages with side rails 6" or larger are reinforced with solid channel aluminum web braces. Braces provide greater bearing area and have greater impact strength than rungs and are more easily replaced.
  • Slip resistant decking.- Sure foot, aluminum decking with raised tread spikes for slip resistant surface.

For more information and P1, P2, and P3 codes, download the following data sheet.

Model : 149P22016
Daily Rate: $25.00
Weekly Rate: $85.00
Monthly Rate: $225.00