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Lighting Equipment
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Allmand Towable Diesel Light Tower
 The Night-Lite™ V-Series® is built with the efficiency, durability and performance you demand. This light tower is great for special events, building construction and infrastructure construction.

Engine Brand                                                      Kubota

Engine Model                                                      D1005

Fuel Capacity - Gal                                                    45

Horsepower                                                             11.6

Engine Tier                                                   Tier 4 Final

Light Type –

Metal Halide                                                         4 QTY

Metal Halide Wattage (per lamp)                          1,250

Metal Halide Lumens (per lamp)                      135,500

Metal Halide Lumens (total)                            542000.0

Operating Time (hrs)***                                           72.6

LED                                                                        4 QTY

LED Wattage (per lamp)                                        320.0

LED Lumens (per lamp)                                    38500.0

LED Lumens (total)                                         154000.0

Operating Time (hrs)                                            155.2

Shipping Weight lbs                                             1,885

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) lbs         2,200

Length Transport                                             109.8 in

Width Transport                                                    58 in

Width Operating                                              104.7 in

Max Height                                                         24.7 ft

Height* Mast Lowered                                         8.5 ft

Height Tower Raised                                         24.6 ft

*Rental rates calculated @ 8 hours per day, 40 hours per week. Additional charges will apply for overage of hours.

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Model : NLV
Daily Rate: $125.00
Weekly Rate: $435.00
Monthly Rate: $1095.00