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Monarch 49 X 36 X 72 Stif Back II Window Well
  • One piece construction
  • Available to fit 4' and 5' wide picture window applications for bolt to frame or anchor to foundation.
  • Designed to withstand the pressure from heavy soil.
  • Designed to be Monarch's strongest area wall.
  • Available in 24" and 36" projections and 48" to 72" heights. Custom sizes available up to 9' tall.
  • Deep corrugation of the Stif Back II design provides superior strength to meet virtually every application.
  • Heavy 3/4" rolled top for extra strength and safety.
  • Flat, pre-punched flanges allow easy attachment for bolt to frame or anchor to foundation.
  • White painted steel on inside of area wall and Sandalwood exterior. Colors can be reversed to Sandalwood painted steel interior and a white painted steel exterior.
Model : 96850
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